Having the opportunity to collaborate in a variety of projects, from Arts, Environment, Information Design, Branding, Education and the Human Genome Project, I have confirmed the versatility and power of Design. The following Case Studies enclose the subjects that I feel more enthusiastic about: Social Change,  Education, and Science. 

Each case study has been selected to showcase variety. Variety in size, design challenge, user needs, clients, teams, resources, and location. Displaying the potential of using Design Research and Design Thinking. By clicking on each case study, you will be taken through the Design Process. Get ready to see a lot of post-its and frameworks along the design journey. You will see the steps and decisions that were made before arriving to the final design solution.

Design + Social change

A project based on sisterhood showing how Design Thinking can help a small group of individuals create a community that transforms the lives of women. This project is being implemented in Mexico, which increased my adaptation skills to work in two different time zones.

Design + education

A research project that analyses how Design Thinking and Design Management principles could be applied to assess and enhance the student experience at a British University. The research has a user-centred approach, focusing on International Postgraduate Students.

DESIGN + SciencE

A case study about the development of a Visual Language for the Human Genome Project, Chapter Mexico. It involved an initial Design Audit of the Institute’s Visual Language, as well as a proposal of a tailored Visual Language, showing examples of its application.